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Disability Exemptions for Big Island Property Tax

Information about Hawaii County’s Disability Exemptions for Big Island Property

If you have Hansen’s Disease, are blind, deaf or totally disabled, you may qualify for Disability Exemptions for Big Island Property Tax. In Hawaii County, homeowners with verified disabilities may be granted exemptions over and above the homeowners exemption for property tax purposes.

The disability shall be certified by:

a. a licensed physician  under Chapter 453 or 460 or both of the HRS, or
b. a out-of-state qualified physician who is currently licensed to practice in the state in which the physician lives, or

c. a commissioned medical officer in the United States military service or Public Health service, engaged in the discharge of their official duty.

Certified citizens may receive up to an additional $50,000 reduction on the assessed value of your home as well as basic homeowner exemption.
If you are a totally disabled veteran due to injuries received while on active duty with the U.S. Armed Forces, your principal home is exempt from property taxes, other than special assessments and the annual minimum tax, which is currently $100/year.

Find more specific information on Disability Exemptions for Big Island Property Tax Rules & Regulations at the Hawaii County website:

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